Whether you are seeking acupuncture to enhance fertility naturally or as an adjunct treatment to increase the success rate of IVF or IUI, we offer holistic, individualized treatments to address fertility challenges.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long history of treating women’s health. There are texts dating back to 200 BC that describe medicinal plants to treat infertility. Modern research shows that acupuncture significantly enhances fertility.

A 2012 research project done by researchers at Tel Aviv University discovered that when a combination of TCM therapy and intrauterine insemination (IUI) was used, 65.5% of the test group was able to conceive, compared to only 39.4% of the control group, who received no herbal or acupuncture therapies.

For reproductive issues, weekly treatments for at least three months are recommended. The focus is on normalizing the menstrual cycle, harmonizing hormones, and reducing stress in the body. Continued treatment after three months may be required.

Acupuncture for fertility works in a number of ways in the female body:

  • Balances hormone cycles to aid in conception
  • Improves cervical mucous
  • Encourages follicular development
  • Improves blood flow to uterus and fallopian tubes

Men can also benefit from acupuncture for fertility. The research on male fertility is less common, but studies suggest that acupuncture can improve sperm count along with the added benefits of reduced stress and improved hormonal regulation.


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